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When it comes to finding an affordable home for yourself and your young one or ones it can be a really difficult task. There are options out there so read on for some helpful information and resources.

1. Emergency Housing Options

In the case of a disaster such as a fire but also in the event of domestic violence, there are shelters and housing options. This truly is for those in an emergency situation and can also be in the form of group homes, boarding homes as well as hotels and shelted.

Where are Emergency Houses Near Me?

The first place to check would be the Salvation Army or Goodwill. There are social services along with non-profit organizations that can give a helping hand. To find the nearest one to you search for ‘I need emergency housing’. If you are unable to access the internet, try your nearest Salvation Army.

2. Low-Income Housing

There are housing schemes that can assist low income earners to secure a home.

What Organizations Should I Apply For?

Public Housing

Every state has their own Public Housing Administration which is specifically for low income homes. This also includes people with disabilities along with the elderly population.

To see if you qualify for the public houses you can refer to the HUD Portal (Housing and Urban Development). You will need to enter your gross, annual income to see if you qualify.

House Voucher Program

Another program aimed at low income families and individuals. These are safe and clean homes to live at a reduced price that is relative to your income. There are guidelines and restrictions but they can be found on the HUD Portal as well.


A non-profit organization that has accommodation options for single mothers and their children who are unable to live anywhere or are between accommodation.

To qualify for their 2 year program the single mothers income will be 30% less than the overall income of the community. The single mother must also be considered homeless at the time of enrolling in the program. Refer to the Vision House website for more details and to apply.

Nurturing Network

Another non-profit organization that is designed to assist women who are facing difficulties with an unexpected pregnancy. These services include provisions during and after the pregnancy including medical help, housing, legal help, counselling and finding a job. Refer to nurturing network to find out more.

3. Affordable Housing Options

These are found in low income apartment units and are low monthly rental payment homes. There are a few organizations that can help out so let’s take a look.

Family Unification Assistance Program

Housing vouches for single mothers and low-income families, payments are based on your income. Refer to the HUD Portal for more information.

House Shares

CoAbode is a program that works to help out single mothers. Working to find a house as well as helping with child care you would be sharing a home with another mother and splitting any costs.

Social Serve

A non-profit organization that helps single mothers to find accommodation. Their website is continually updated to provide the latest information and opportunities.

Habitat Humanity

This organization is worldwide and they work to build and repair homes that are in desperate need. You will need to apply for this via the Habitat Humanity website.


There are still options for single mothers who are in a difficult situations. There are quite a few non-profit organizations that can help you out. Refer to the organizations mentioned above and benefit schemes until you find something that works for your situation.


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